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Dee & Joel aka The first

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Well hello there everyone!

It's Natasha kicking off our first blog post on the website!!

I'm super excited , and nervous!


As any other first, I hope this is just a beginning of my blog collection.

The headline says "the first" and it will be Dee and Joel, but being the fist blog post on this site is just half of the reason for the name.

It's already August when I'm writing this piece and the whole world is still struggling with the new norms, limitations, regulations and everything else that became part of our lives with pandemic that will definitely give 2020 a place in the history books.

But not just pandemic should mark your 2020, at least that's what Dee and Joel decided. So these two love birds will celebrate 2020 for the rest of their lives. If there is anyone that knows how to make lemonade when life gives you lemons, it is definitely these two! #lovealwayswins

I was very touched and inspired by their love story. They both said a firm NO to ever getting married again, but then that unstoppable force of true love came in their lives and made them change a promise that they made to themselves.

The excitement of finally becoming one, has been tracked with a countdown 365 plus days.

Their dream was Bahamas, toes in the sand, topical paradise, shade of the palm tree and saying "I Do" to one another. Well, 2020 had something different planned for everyone!

As the world shut down for a couple of months they started readjusting their wedding plans to the new circumstances, but there was one thing they held on to - the originally planned wedding date of 06/20/2020.

Their biggest concern, (ours as their wedding photographer as well ) was would the Florida Keys allow tourist back in time for their wedding? During the pandemic the whole Florida Keys were closed for nonresidents, and as the date quickly approached everyone's anxiety began to peak.

Finally, the news of the Florida Keys reopening broke, and I made sure to let them know so they could relax, now nothing was standing in the way of their wedding!

It was an intimate ceremony on Smathers Beach, with a handful of friends and family members being present, however a whole lot more watching them say I DO via live stream.

The girls had a signature look - big beach hats that matched their dresses, and they looked amazing. #bridesquad

And to be honest this was was special for me too. It felt great being behind the lens. After everything 2020 has brought, it was really amazing that I was back to doing what I love, capturing moments, and creating memories that will last forever, whilst telling a story through pictures!

So cheers to the first blog post and fist wedding in Key West in post pandemic shutdown.

Here are just a couple of my favorites from their wedding day, hopefully you enjoy them!

Ceremony Location : Smathers Beach, Key West

Flowers by: Love in bloom, Key West


Sunny kisses from Key West,


"Not all who wander are lost"

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