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The first time I picked up a camera I was hooked.

I love taking photos and that's why I do this. My favorite type of photography is anything that involves the moment. My style is more one of storytelling and documentary. Covering weddings in Key West, Florida, and elsewhere as a destination wedding photographer, I have had a chance to capture many weddings throughout my career. I aim to capture the subject, the expression, and the emotion. I want everyone that looks at the photos of your special day to feel like they were there.

I love to travel yet don't think I will ever move again, I have found my little piece of paradise in Key West Florida. My style is your style, I have my own however I can do light and airy all the way to dark and moody.


About the Images

Images don’t just happen, they’re crafted. Whether it’s being in-the-moment to capture that perfect candid, or saying just the right thing to evoke the ideal reaction, my years of experience have taught me how to navigate all the different aspects of a wedding day so I never miss a moment.

When a bride is getting ready, I’ll sometimes clear the room to help her feel more comfortable. We’ll talk about the couple’s history, a story that makes her smile every time she thinks of him. Their first kiss, the first time they held hands and the overwhelming emotion that came with his proposal. As she opens up about their history, I quietly shoot to get the most authentic smile and joy possible.

When you fly half-way across the world to exchange your vows in the hills of Tuscany and it rains the entire day, I promise I won’t miss the 15 seconds where the sun peeks out. We’ll chase the light. We’ll make the most of it. And I’ll work harder than you can imagine to capture magical images of your whole celebration, rain or shine.

 Some of my latest and favorite wedding pictures you can find on my Instagram account.  

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